Andrea W.

Cold Lake, Alberta

After the sudden loss of my mother, I asked for Dawn’s special talents to reach my mom. Dawn knew I was angry, before I even told anyone. She told me my mom knew, which is why my mom never made her presence known to me. I always thought my mom would give me a sign when she decided to leave and I felt she did not. Through Dawn’s psychic talents, she revealed to me that my mom had told me, I just was not listening. I still miss my mom, but after I admitted I was no longer angry, she visits often and reminds Dawn to ensure I am listening. To be able to navigate both this world and the spiritual side, you want someone with Dawn’s psychic abilities to help listen when we do not hear.

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Effie K.

Oakville, Ontario

Dawn is an extraordinarily loving, gifted reading and Reiki energy healer who is definitely connected, accurate and helps you get clarity on situations, relationships and much more.
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Sue T.

Milton, Ontario

I first met Dawn Eglitis a few months after my son had passed away. She was referred by two different friends of mine and I was a little hesitant to meet her. My worries vanished when I met her, smiling and relaxed at the door. Dawn is full of calmness, very professional, reassuring and always ready to help with wise suggestions.  I have been guided by her readings for over five years now and have also benefitted from a few of her Reiki treatments. I have referred her to many people.
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Eva M.

Etobicoke, Ontario

I have known Dawn for several years. I have relied on her intuition and ability to quickly get to the root of an issue. She has a healthy approach in that she comes from a place of integrity.
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Greg Nicol

Shamanic Healer & Spirit Medicine Practitioner

An Extraordinary Talent – How do you sum up the incredible package of gifts and talents that could possibly be possessed by one person? Dawn is this package. Presence of mind, kind, considerate, attentive… and these are just some of her human traits. Tuned-in, intuitive, psychic, knowing, empathic, master of energy reading and manipulation on levels unbounded by normal means. Dawn transcends the norm, the rote, the mechanics of tradition and methodology to serve only the best possible healing and reading available to all her clients. She is a healer of healers, skeptics and neophytes alike. Do yourself a favour, and let Dawn bring her version of celestial magic into your life.

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Jeff S.

Toronto, Ontario

I have had debilitating Myalgic Encephalomyelitis for over 2 decades, the past 5 years being the most severe. As a result, I am bed-bound and housebound about 95% of the time.

One of the most difficult parts of a progressive chronic neuro-immune illness is that you are left confronting multiple physical system breakdowns while trying to manage a decreasing quality of life that needs constant readjustment. It was almost impossible to find anything therapeutic that would treat and provide comfort on both the physical and emotional levels.

Reiki was a mystery to me, and at first I wasn’t sure how comfortable I was with it, having little understanding of it. But once I met Dawn and felt her gentle but very enlightening energy, I found an immediate comfort level that was almost akin to a light relaxing massage. The experience was comforting and one of warmth and letting my racing mind still somewhat.

Dawn was always incredibly generous with her time and energy. Not only did I receive remote Reiki from her daily for over a year but she also seemed to sense when I particularly needed some strength to manage an appointment or difficult experience and used her talent to hold me up. That’s the way I can best explain the experience, it was like there was this universal energy holding me up more than I could hold myself up.

At first it felt almost selfish to be receiving so much support, but then I realized that this was enabling me to offer my gifts back to the world more than I could have otherwise, and that was what this meant and what it was about.

Although my illness progresses, I know that the fall would be greater without Dawn’s Reiki support. So many people in my position are tube fed and not speaking. Although there is no cure I have been able to be a part of life much more than I would have otherwise without Dawn’s channelling energy therapy. It always came with hope, comfort and love. And I am very grateful and appreciative.

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Donna MacMillan

Milton, Ontario

I would see Dawn weekly if I could. The messages she is able to provide me from my spirit guides and past family members is always right on point for what I may be going through at that moment and the guidance is always accurate. There are things she is able to relay that there is no way she or anyone else would know. Dawn is truly gifted and I feel lucky to have her in my life.
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Jennifer H.

Professional Life Coach / Professional Executive Coach

Dawn is such a beautiful soul and has helped me so much on my own journey.  She has delivered messages to me from my loved ones that helped me with my own healing.  Working with Dawn has also given me so much clarity around where to go next in my own life.  I now have the confidence and feel the support of the Universe behind me so that I can just show up and have fun without worrying about the future.  Dawn has also been so instrumental in helping me to become more confident in using my own intuition.  I am able to get out of my own way so that I can trust my gut and move forward bravely.  I recommend anyone who is looking to learn about their own strengths, or who wants to get clear on their life to contact Dawn.
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