Psychic Readings with Oracle Angel Cards

This is a channeled message through spirit guides, angels and loved ones. The messages flow through and are immediately released, so recalling them later is very difficult.

Half-Hour Oracle Angel Card Reading

The half-hour Oracle Angel Card reading allows us to focus on one or two specific questions that require confirmation or guidance on, so that you can take the next step forward in life. This is a snapshot in time and allows your free will to act on what you truly desire and need.
Preparation: Choose one or two specific questions that you would like clarification on. Since the messages flow very quickly, feel free to record your sessions to listen to at a later time.
Duration: 30 minutes  |  Cost: $100
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One-Hour Oracle Angel Card Reading

This Oracle Angel Card reading will provide more in-depth guidance to: help you identify the blocks that keep you from moving forward; answer your relationship questions; assist with career direction finances and any other questions you have for your next steps in life. This is a snapshot in time and allows for your free will to determine what you choose to co-create.  We can do this remotely so that you can get the answers you need from the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world.

Preparation: Write down your questions in advance, so we have time to answer all of them during our session. Time goes by very quickly and we don’t want to forget anything important!

Duration: 1 hour  |  Cost: $150

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Angela Borgeest

Oakville, Ontario

I had two readings from Dawn Eglitis in 2019. The first one was for myself and I set up the appointment more out of curiosity than really having any planned goals. She offered many decks of cards to choose from and encouraged me to choose two decks. From that she was able to begin describing my parents, my life and my challenges. When she started with the second deck, she layered the reading and made it more in depth. I thoroughly felt inspired and empowered, cried a little while allowing my memories to release and transform after her reading.  My second reading was planned for my sister’s visit. My brother-in-law is highly intuitive and he commented that Dawn has amazing energy and is very gifted – even before she started. She was able to describe a family member who had passed away a year earlier and described his looks, his habits, his personality. My family felt more at peace after the reading, as he died suddenly and there was still trauma carried by the family. Thank you Dawn – you’re the BEST!
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