How Readings Work


First, Dawn makes sure the environment is safe, comfortable, and fully protected – whether it is on the phone or in her place of work. She then works with her guides, her higher connections and the client’s guides and higher self to provide information that is the most meaningful, understandable and in everyone’s best interests. It may not be what the client wants, but it will be what is needed.  The information is channelled in, so Dawn may not remember what was discussed in a reading. It is a soul-to-soul connection with guides, angels and ascended masters – and sometimes souls of loved ones.  Most often the reading is done when a client is trying to make a decision or is at a crossroads and is not sure which direction to follow.  Each reading is unique.  Dawn has provided readings for children as young as 7 to seniors in their 90s.

Choosing Cards

The process begins with Dawn brewing a cup of tea which is her indication that she is ready to begin.  The client often records their own session, since Dawn’s frequency can throw off electronic devices and the information comes very quickly.  The next step is for the client to select two card decks from a selection of several Oracle decks. The decks are cleared of any previous energy by Dawn in a shuffling process, during which Dawn begins to receive messages and images of the key issues. She typically has the client choose 11 cards, which are selected one at a time, with the main question or concern foremost in their mind. The power of the intention guides these choices. The cards are put into a layout called a Celtic cross and together tell a story. Each card can have a different meaning depending on the issue, the layout and the message that needs to be relayed.

The Reading

Once the first story, issue or question is explored, the second card deck is shuffled and an additional 11 cards are chosen by Dawn. The second deck may be used to provide more information about the first reading or may address another issue. For instance, the first reading may be about launching a new business or changing a career and the second reading may be about health issues or loved ones.  Often the two readings are linked to each other even though they appear unrelated. The second set of  cards are then placed on top of the first cards in an overlay.  There is time in the readings for clarity, since Dawn is interpreting the symbols, images, smells, feelings and things she sees or hears to provide meaning to the client. Often Dawn gets goosebumps/angel bumps for confirmation of the message delivered.

If a loved soul comes through in the reading, their message is communicated with a story and validation of who they are.

Sometimes Dawn gets glimpses of past lives which she shares, if needed, in the reading. There are multiple layers to each session.

She is a Reiki master and is skilled in several other healing disciplines. Whether you are on the phone or in front of her, each person may receive healing from a heart to heart connection of souls.

The reading is a snapshot of what is going on with the client at that moment in time. This reading is meant to provide guidance and is not to interfere with the client’s free will. Generally, the answers lay within each of us, and Dawn provides the key to unlock these during the session.  Each reading concludes with an energetic hug!

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