Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dawn answers the most common questions she’s been asked throughout her career.

What are the terms and conditions of booking with Dawn 4 Spiritual Guidance?
You can find our booking terms and conditions here.

Are the appointments recorded?
Unfortunately, I am not able to record the session, but encourage you to do so from your end using any and all methods that might be available to you.

How do I prepare for my session?
It is best to write down specific questions you have so that when the reading begins, you don’t get overwhelmed and forget to ask something important to you.

When did you first know you had “the gift”?
I was born with the ability to see my guides as a young child and had strong premonitions about events that had not yet happened.

Are you open all the time to the spirit world?
When I first started to readings for others, I was an open channel, getting messages for clients and strangers. I would blurt out messages in restaurants, shops or in general conversation. This was neither helpful nor appropriate, and could be quite overwhelming for the person getting the message. I now work with the guides/angels when I am in a reading session and have learned to close it off when I am living my daily life. I do work with my personal guides who give me encouragement or pathways to follow on a daily basis when I am meditating.

Is there a difference in a half-hour session vs. an hour session?
A half-hour session is geared toward asking one or two specific questions. An hour session can cover more questions, which often reveals a common theme.

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