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psychic readings & reiki healings

Angel Oracle psychic readings connect you to your guides, angels and loved ones. Each reading helps bring clarity and guidance to assist with specific situations, crossroad paths to take, family, career and corporate issues to ease your mind and decision-making. Ultimately, with free will, you are the one in the driver’s seat, and we are the “GPS” to provide vision and direction on your life path.

Reiki healing energy sessions involve working with each person’s body via the Universal Life energy to bring balance to the physical body, peace to the mind and release of any stored up emotions that may be blocking your energy flow. Each session is unique since every human body is unique. Remote Reiki allows us to connect to you in the comfort of your own space anywhere in the world.

Packages include several sessions that can be booked in advance and offer savings compared to booking individually. Multiple or blended (Reiki and readings) sessions provide “tune-ups” and guidance as your life unfolds in a year. One situation may resolve itself as another one arises, or you may have a health issue that requires multiple treatments. Packages are your best value.

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Dave Lackie

Cityline Beauty Expert, Toronto

Dawn Eglitis has a rare gift to see into the future sharing information about situations and possibilities in the areas of business, career, health and love. I hired her to be part of a Dior Beauty event recently where she read cards for guests. They loved the experience and still talk about it to this day. Highly recommended.
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Blanche M.

Nova Scotia

Dawn, thanks for the reading you did for me over the phone. You described the man to me that would come into my life and you were absolutely right on – he is perfection. I am so grateful to have found you to do this reading for me. I feel very blessed to have received your Reiki healing also. I am grateful to have you in my life as someone that I can call on when I need help and assistance. Thank you, thank you, thank you and God bless.
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